About SCN

Name SCN Limited Liability Company.


Kitamura building 2F
Ikebukuro 2-72-8, Toshima-ku
Tokyo 171-0014, Japan


January 6th, 2011


10M JPY at March, 2015


Executive Directors

Katsuhiro SHIBAMOTO President, Representative Officer
Atsushi KATSUURA Corporate Officer
Chika SAKURAI Corporate Officer
Mika ANDO Corporate Officer
Miho SHIMADA Corporate Officer

Corporate Advisors

Takuma Otoshi Advisor on Corporate Strategy
Yoichi USUI Advisor on Global Affairs
- President and CEO, Cross Cultural Business,Inc.


Junichi SHIMBA Director


IT related services

- Supporting IS department for efficient operation
- Strategic support for Corporate management - outsourced CIO
- Advisory services for IS
- BPR support for IS department
- Facility management support including Data Center, Office environment.
- Strategic business planning to utilize Internet

- Business development support including sales outsourcing

- Consulting for regional vitalization, regional revitalization

- Consulting and Support for Agricultural products distribution
- Business support in general, both for IT related and non IT related. 

Services on Education

- Planning and Management of public and private seminars
- Language education - mainly Japanes training for non native employee

Global services, product sales

- Business support to start office in Japan
- Business support to start office in foreign country
- Distribution and sales of foreign products to Japan market

Agricultural product and processed food distribution

- Food business IT
- Consulting services for Food business
- Sales and Sales support for Natural farming products
- Related staffing

Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings

Certified by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at Tokyo Labor Bureau: 特13-314249


Bank accounts



- IBM Japan Users Association - Kanto SIG
- Japan Guide/Share Comittee
- The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce